Move without worries

Someone says it's better to burn out. Suddenly, you are faced with the task of moving your existing life or business to another place. You sort out lots of things, you throw a lot, yet the sum of what you still need remains huge, clutiful. And the notion that in a few days you should start working normally again, just in another place, it seems almost impossible. The right moment to tell the pros about the help. We will be happy to help you with what we need to make your new start as enjoyable as possible.
No extra charges
Our company has a wealth of experience with moving around Prague. Of course, we are not confined to the territory of the city, but our speciality is that kilometers travelled within the metropolis are not charged, but are included in the standard hourly rate. We do not charge extra for weekends and public holidays, we understand that free days are ideal for you. We will even lend you all the packaging materials, including cardboard boxes, for free upon prior arrangement. Call our dispatching, you're definitely talking!

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