How about having a farmhouse?

Have you ever thought that a byte in the future had a farm? Have peace here, time one for another? It will come to me beautiful thoughts. I recently talked about it with my friend and said it was nice, but he looked at me about their acquaintance, what owns the farm. They say it's nice when a man arrives, but when he saw that a man didn't stop, he didn't get that good idea.
What I like on the farm
Animals. I grew up here as a little boy and I can't appreciate it. I think that this childhood is better than what today's generation, which spends their time on computers or tablets. I'm glad I didn't have this, although it's true that I've been doing crap out of Borey. If a man has a few animals and occasionally goes into the woods on a firewood stove, it'll be fine, but to have a big farm, I wouldn't want to.

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