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Essentials For You To Do When You Have Lost Your Retainer

You should use retainers to help your teeth stay in place when you happen to undergo teeth alignment surgery at the orthodontist. When you are out dining at a restaurant, you will find that you take out your retainer and most people wrap it in a napkin. You may leave the hotel and go home only to realize you forgot the fastener in the restaurant. It becomes a challenge for you to find the retainer because the hotel already put it in a garbage bin. It becomes harder for you to get it because you need it to help your teeth recover. You should get the retainer repaired or replaced if you could not recover it. You can also use the tips provided below to help you when you lose your retainer.

It is vital for your retainer is ever held in a secure area. Stay cautious so that you do not lose your retainer anywhere you go. It is essential for your retainer not to be kept in a napkin or plate as you dine in a restaurant. Ensure you have a case where you can carry the retainer everywhere you go. You can also get another retainer as a backup when you lose one.

When you lose your retainer, ensure that you contact your orthodontist immediately. The moment you lose your retainer, contact your orthodontist to help you get a new one. For a new retainer to be made, you should present yourself physically at the orthodontist’s offices for them to take your teeth’s mold. After this, you will be required to wait a little longer to get your new retainer. If you went there with broken retainers, you could check if they are functioning well.

You should consider replacing your retainer when you lose it. Failure to have a retainer, your teeth may fall back to where they were before the realignment. Therefore, you are required to visit your orthodontist to take a new mold of your teeth. Each person has a different mold of teeth.

Inquire from the orthodontist what you will do before you get your new retainer. Your teeth will shift during this time and your orthodontist can help you find a way to reduce the speed of the shifting of your teeth. Find out how the orthodontist can help you for example by giving you a clear aligner. It is essential not to put excessive pressure on your mouth to reduce teeth shifting faster.

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