Colors start with white and end with black

It is a game of color, shadows and light, it is a combination of shapes and dimensions, they are completely new fresh images on the wall. What we present in our gallery, the paintings are a little different than you may be accustomed to. On the wall you can create a smooth composition of shapes and photos that follow each other.
A story in several paintings

This way you can achieve an amazing transition of colors from the entrance to the room to the balcony and window. The whole space remains airy and unobstructed in the form of often unnecessary decorative objects. The composition of four parts clad in other dimensions, folded in a sequence or in a mosaic, according to the shape of the room, so the images on the wall are installed. The motives of our production or your own and very often it happens that our customers use compositions not only in one room and not only in apartments. Try opening the office.

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