Attenuation of ovarian activity

Menopause is a very dreaded period for women, but each of us passes through it. It is important to be able to advise and simplify this period as much as possible. This will help you with the Menox 45, which works great to suppress the unpleasant symptoms that the menopause carries.


The menopause will not make your life more unpleasant. Feelings such as fatigue, stress, depression, insomnia, incontinence, loss of appetite for sex, weight gain disappear immediately. Menox 45 Tablet users report that the unpleasant effects have resolved immediately.

Help yourself with Menox 45 tablets

The menopause will happen to you thanks to Menox 45 tablets, exactly the same period as ever. You'll feel good. Try our tablets for 30 days. Menox 45 are pure natural tablets, with no side effects that are freely sold.

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