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An Employment Lawyer’s Words About At-Will Employment

What is meant by at-will employment?
You are considered an at-will employee if you have the freedom to quit anytime you want to. Nevertheless, this freedom is not only limited to you for your employer can also fire you regardless of whatever reason there is. If you can easily tell your boss that you like to quit, then you are probably one of the at-will employees.

There are things that you need to know if you are an at-will employee:

Firing an at-will employee is not considered as a wrongful termination as there is no need for the employer to explain whatever it is that is behind the dismissal of said employee.
There is a good thing behind all this and that is not allowing your employer to fire you for any unlawful reasons such as those involving discrimination such as your age, gender, disability, ancestry, marital status or color.
Your employer also has no right to fire you for a protected leave of absence.
Is it still valid for a boss to fire you even without any reason?
Your boss can claim that firing you is for no reason at all and there is nothing that you can do about it. Firing you in a whim is a privilege that your boss has even if you always come to work on time, is able to appease everybody with all the things that they need especially the customers, and even if you always do a good job.

If you are not legally bound by a contract, then your boss can fire you anytime, especially if you are unable to show an implied contract or an express contract.

Describe an express contract
In usual cases, employers are not allowed to fire an employee if there is an employment contract. These contracts often have a part where it is written that employers should have a fair reason to fire a certain employee and that should be for a good cause, otherwise, he is not allowed to do the firing. If this situation goes to court, the court usually looks for any damages in the side of the employee such as prevention of working efficiently for the business.

What are the things that an implied contract is composed of?
Another form of contract is the implied contract which is not a written contract but one that is derived from words, actions, and circumstances. In order to dismiss you, the employer should have a good cause since the implied contract is a legally binding contract between two parties.

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